I often get complaints that I don’t respond to messages. Believe me I try my hardest to get to all of them but this is what my message notification looks like Sunday evening after posting one ad per day since Friday evening. It’s impossible to get ready, see people, and respond to every single request. I’m just not that awesome. So here’s a few tips on how to get me to respond to your inquiry and how to ensure I will never respond to your inquiry.

5 Tips On How To Make Your Message Stand Out


Tip#1 – This is the most valuable tip I can give you. Do NOT send me seven messages to say one thing. Put everything into one concise text message. HUGE Pet Peeve of mine, guaranteed to provoke annoyance and no response. If you struggle with this pretend a puppy dies every time you send a message. M’kay?

Tip#2 – Start off with manners. A nice “hello/good evening/morning, Harley” goes a long way. Manners are sexy. Manners make me open a message. Do Not Hit Send Yet. 

Tip #3 – Make my life a wee bit easier and after the pleasantries please move right along into telling me what service you are inquiring about, the various times you are available to visit me, your age and background. Do NOT Hit Send

Tip #4 – I have a two hour rule. I don’t know what your situation is outside of our exchange so in order to make sure I don’t inadvertently fuck with that I will only respond to messages within a two hour time frame, starting from the time you sent your message. However should you give me the perimeters on when it’s safe to respond, I will follow those and return your message. Now unless you are inquiring about fetish and or role play service you may hit the send button and all the puppies live.

Tip#5 – Fetish and Role Play  if you are inquiring about either of those services please reach out and provide me with as much detail as possible. Do not be ambiguous, contrary to popular belief I am not a dick whisperer, I can not “just know” what you want and how you want it. I can however assure you that after being a Dominatrix both professionally and personally for many years I have heard and seen it all. I do not judge anyone and welcome all inquiries.  Just provide me with as much detail possible so we can see if it’s a fit.


6 Sure Fire Ways To Not Get A Response Or Blocked

Tip # 1 – If your messages looks like this : “Rates and Restrictions” or “I need my knob slobbed.” Or the worst  “I really need my dick sucked but I’ve only got 50 bucks babe” you are not going to get a response.

Tip#2 – If your message includes a picture of your dick, a selfie of your bare chest in a dirty bathroom mirror, or any other unsolicited photo you are not going to get a response.

Tip#3 – If your message is just a “hi”, or “hey what’s up.” and nothing else, you might get a response but only after all the others that didn’t make me pull what they wanted out of them get responded to first.

Tip#4 – If I do respond and you follow up with any of the following;

  • “Can you do 50 bucks?”
  • “Can I pay in gift cards, weed or pocket lint?”
  • “I’m clean can I have bbfs/cim?”

You will never have an appointment with me.

Tip#5 – If you ignore my request for text only inquiries and insist on calling twice or more I will not respond and will block your number. You’re already disrespecting my boundaries and we haven’t even met.

Tip#6 – If I do not respond and you somehow think this is a green light to send multiple messages demanding to know why I’m ignoring you or you view my silence as a green light to provide an explicit play by play detailing all the things you want me to do, or that you want to me to do to you I will never respond to you.

Bottom Line folks..Concise messages from respectful individuals that politely get to the point I can’t answer fast enough. Ambiguous messages from cheap and unsafe individuals who ignore my boundaries get sent to the blocked land of rejects for all eternity.

Pretty Simple Stuff