Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Have To Manscape?

Your grooming habits are your business, however in order for me to provide you with the service you seek your situation becomes my situation for a brief moment in time, and it all comes down to biology.

Should a hair find its way into my throat, my ability to deep throat ceases immediately. When deep throating being in control of the object that will trigger the gag reflex is critical.  The body’s gag reflex which is a natural defence mechanism put in place to protect us.

So when a hair is running wild down there stuck in the mucus not coming up and not going down I lose control of the gag reflex. In order to get it out, I basically have force it out by hacking it up, making the most make gawd awful almost non human  noises. This could go on for 5 mins or 20 minutes but the results are always the same, me completely exhausted, with a raw and sore throat and no longer able to continue.

Nobody wants this.  So that is why I make this requirement VERY clear in my ads, on this site and in all my communications. Please DO NOT show up here and have a bush (then get pissy when I tell you I can’t fully provide the service)

If you absolutely can/will not manscape I can’t help you, but don’t fret I am sure that there are plenty of my gorgeous coworkers in the city that can accommodate your needs.

Do You Offer HH Service?

No I don’t offer any half hour services. I do not apologize for requiring more time in order to provide you with the best service possible. I need to connect, be relaxed without pressure, the half hour session does not provide me the opportunity to do that. I would rather provide amazing service in an hour rather than mediocre  service in a half.

Do You See Black Guys?

I’m not too sure why this is a question but it is one I get daily.  Yes I see black men. Why on earth would I alienate more than half the population? Doesn’t seem like good business practice to me.  I see all humans provided all my requirements are met and my boundaries respected.

Do You Hate Cum?

I assure you the reason why I do not allow you to finish in my mouth is NOT because I detest semen or that I view semen as battery acid as one forum troll suggested. The simple fact is I like to keep some things aside for my personal sex life.

For me the lines do not get blurred when I am able to keep pieces of my sexual self to myself and not share them with my clients. I don’t offer make out sessions either, while I do kiss, I reserve those deep passionate 20 minute make out sessions for my personal life. Please respect that. There are plenty of beautiful providers in this city that don’t share my views and I’m quite sure any one of them would be more than happy to assist you with that desire.

What is Edging?

Edging is maintaining a high level of arousal for an extended period of time without climax. During our time together I slowly build your orgasm, teasing and tormenting you, bringing you to the edge of ecstasy as many times as possible until it’s time for you to experience an amazing, explosive release that is often longer than typical resulting in you feeling completely drained and utterly satisfied, often needing a few minutes just to get up. Trust me,  this isn’t your typical orgasm boys and is most definately something you should experience at some point.

I Want the Edging Session But I Don't Think I Will Last An Hour, Can't We Do Half An Hour?

Half an hour is not enough time to experience a proper edging session. You aren’t the first person to express concern about not being able to last the entire hour. However, this is my area of expertise and I have yet to have anyone release before I intended them to, by being present and communicating your level of arousal  the hour will fly by and in the end you will experience one of the best releases of your life. Just Check Out The Testimonials

Can I Book An Edging Session For Longer Than An Hour?

My longest edging session has been 3.5 hours. I’m willing to go longer if you are!

What Fetishes Do You Offer?

Quite frankly it’s easier for you to share your preference rather than going through a list. I worked as a Professional Dominatrix for years,  I have seen and heard it all. I am a judgement free provider and if it’s something I don’t offer I will let you know that in a respectful manner.

Where Can I finish?

Quite honestly you could finish on my elbows if you wanted, as long as it’s not on my face or in my mouth we’re good. Majority of people really enjoy finishing on my ladies. 

Do you do duos?

While I do not have anyone that I duo with I am not opposed to you introducing someone into our play, or hiring one of the many lovely providers available together.

About Me

Some Harley Stats

I have Hips. I Have Thighs. And Yes I have a Big Booty.

5 foot 7

166 Pounds


Size 9 shoe

Age: 33

Hair: Short and Blue at the moment. – I do have  wigs that prior to Covid I wore regularly.

Tattoos: Yes Many

Piercing: Labret

Languages: English, French


About Me


Vinyl hunting. Cooking. Alice In Wonderland circa 1952. Re-purposing. Tattoos. Tiny Furniture. Novelty Lighters. Pancakes. Surprise Bags. Magic. Puns. Gaming. Music. Doll Houses. Podcasts. Chocolate. History. Useless knowledge. Painting. Candles. Science. Candy.

Escort Harley Synn

No Bueno

 Rodents of any size. Lack of integrity. TV. Sticky floors. Latin music. Phony people. Elitism. The war on drugs. Inequality. Liver. Facebook. Spoilers. Arrogance. Over priced anything. Poorly narrated audio books. Bad Puns. Ignorance. Liars.

Hey Harley

Can I Give You A Token Of Appreciation?

I learned a long time ago that it’s not my place to deny anyone from the joy they feel when being generous. This along with a gallery are my two most requested subjects for my site, so here you guys go!

Gift Cards

Sephora, Apple, Amazon, Indigo, Nordstrom, Saks, Bay Bloor Radio.. but honestly….

I would be extremely delighted to know a donation had been made to any Harm Reduction Organization, Drop-In program or any Safe Consumption Site within the city. XOXO



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